Shield Maiden at The Anvil in New Westminster

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Saturday, December 16th at 7:30pm at the beautiful Anvil Theatre in New Westminster, BC.

Presented by Anvil Theatre
Written and performed by Melanie Teichroeb

“Funny. Sexy. Fierce. Unapologetic!

Imagine a 10th century Viking TED Talk on what it means to be a Viking warrior woman. As Garrison Commander Ingrid Larsdottir comedically endeavors to engage new recruits, she inadvertently reveals her own tragic and violent personal history. Watching her struggle with her trauma is unsettling. Witnessing her tap into her inner strength is inspiring. Ingrid’s clarion call for equality and new recruits prevails! She empowers women to reclaim the warrior archetype in our modern world.

This modern feminist story uses a character from the past to expose the reality that not enough has changed in the treatment of women since the time of Vikings…one thousand years ago. The show challenges untruths about women and gendered expectations and is based on an historical character who history gaslit the hell out of.

This performance of Shield Maiden at the Anvil theatre in New Westminster will be followed by a post show discussion with Jessica Schneider (ED of Massey Theatre Society). So stick around and dig a little deeper into Shield Maiden’s themes and we take questions from the audience. Folks seem to appreciate having a little more time with Ingrid!

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