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SHIELD MAIDEN is a modern feminist story using a character from the past to highlight the sad reality that not enough has changed in the treatment of women since the time of Vikings…one thousand years ago.

Learn more about Ingrid’s origin story:

“More than a millennium ago in what’s now southeastern Sweden, a wealthy Viking warrior was laid to rest, in a resplendent grave filled with swords, arrowheads, and two sacrificed horses. The site reflected the ideal of Viking male warrior life, or so many archaeologists had thought. New DNA analyses of the bones, however, confirm a revelatory find: the grave belonged to a woman.”


PHOTO CREDIT: Josef Jacobson

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“Ingrid is a woman I could have a beer with.”
– Amelia Earhart (American aviation pioneer, author,  1897-1937?)

“Watching Ingrid battle her shadow side was cathartic for me. And I loved her perspective on working with a bunch of dudes.”
– Sacagawea (Native American Guide, interpreter, 1788-1812)

“Nice to see another strong warrior woman in history finally getting her due. Took long enough…”
– Hatshepsut (Egyptian pharaoh, military leader, 1503 BCE – 1453 BCE?)

“I think Ingrid is way too nice. But, whatever, she got some s**t done.”
– Isabella I of Castile (Queen of Spain, creator of the Spanish Inquisition, 1451 – 1504)